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John 5th Dec, 2014+0
Sheesh! Now scammers are turning phone calls into phishing expeditions. Using a clearly "robotic" voice, this scam starts by identifying the call as coming from the IRS. Yeah, right! I've got a bridge I can sell you. It's hang up time. Remember, the first official communication from the IRS will be via US Postal mail:
CJ 6th Dec, 2013+2
They call every night around the same time but I never answer. It is annoying!
BBR 18th Jul, 2013+0
My bank account has been debited these amounts from this company, and we have never ordered anything from them. Do not know how they got our bank card numbers: $49.99 #012396 $49.99 #012397 $49.99 #041819 $49.99 #041820
Aurora 3rd Jun, 2013+0
The caller hung up when my answering machine started my outgoing message.
cath 4th Dec, 2012+0
Filled out insurance claim and this number called. I did not answer.
Killer 20th Nov, 2012+0
Called twice today, hung up both times when i answered. No response from the caller after several times asking for a reply.
kiran 10th May, 2012+0
This is G.E. MoneyBank in Atlanta, GA Go online and file complaints with: 1. BBB of Atlanta, GA 2. State Atty General - Georgia 3. State Atty General - YOUR state (G.E. is in violation of FEDERAL Comm. LAW!!) 4. The FTC (online) Only takes about 5 mins to file these complaints - Close G.E. MoneyBank Down !!
Aslan 1st Feb, 2012+1
this number has called me twice now and left no voice mail
honolulu 22nd Jan, 2012+0
A 3rd party company that's hired out to ask for donations for the Illinois State Police Association. He was very pushy and would not take no for an answer. Eventually I had to apologize and hang up because he would not stop talking.
surfin 17th Sep, 2011+0
Leaving messages about saying I'm approved for a loan or pre-approved. Something of the sort. They have called me 10 times in the last 30 minutes. Help!!!!!
Shar 16th Aug, 2011+0
I get this call every morning and every evening.

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